Zemlja Pisnja (Earth-Song) Zemlja Pisnja (Earth-Song)

Zemlja Pisnja (Earth-Song)


EARTH-SONG is an action where the main protagonist is the Ukrainian Song - it contains the deepest knowledge, the highest poetry. Reed is behind us. They protect for us the mystery of Being, a mystery Birth and Death. Whose voices are we singing? "How rarely now you can hear a live song! Living is from a living source: from this person in this time and space. Because today a person loves, breathes, gives birth in the same way as a thousand years ago. And the song preserves and enlivens in a person exactly what makes him a HUMAN. And she "comes to life again and laughs again" (Shevchenko). Natalia Polovynka

Наталія Половинка
Марія Кміть
Юлія Тарасович
Соломія Кирилова

Режисер: Наталія Половинка
Художник зі світла: Богдан Дворник
Художник костюму: Петро Нестеренко-Ланько