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  • 11 Years of experience
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In the modern world - the world of globalization - we put man himself at the center of our work: his voice in time (message), his word in the space of the world (expression).

Natalia Polovynka


  • Created
    unique European modern theater in Ukraine based on classical theater and the traditions of their land

  • 25 years of work
    with a traditional song on the territory of the theater-creation of artistic theatrical forms of living tradition from 1996.

  • Developed
    fundamentally new theatrical methodology of work with traditional song

  • The IRMOS road has been running for 21 years
    implementation of the ancient spiritual half in the modern socio-cultural space, in art and educational institutions, temples of Ukraine, Europe and the United States since 2000.

  • Created
    Ukrainian Free Theater University as a form of new education

  • Committed
    world premieres: "Silent songs" V. Silvesrtov; "Ars Moriendi" V. Polyova - for actor and piano; "Blossom" - music B. Froliak; "12 soloists" V. Barvinskyi in the orchestra version B. Frolyak


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