Musique Café: Musical landscapes of the Carpathians


"Musique Café: Musical Landscapes of the Carpathians" - music of different regions of the Carpathian mountains in the sound of authentic instruments.
You will be able to enjoy the unique traditional sound of the calf, frillka, two-dentsivka, cuckoo, drumba, cymbal, violin, naya (ribs) and other instruments.

Vocal and dance melodies of Romanians, Lemks, Boyks, Hutsuls, and Moldovans, which are still known among performers and lovers of modern authentic music, will be heard - everything is woven into a single canvas of this musical concert program.

A real warm musical evening awaits you in the middle of autumn Lviv!

Oleg Dovgal - nai (rib), calf, frillka, two-dentsivka, cuckoo, drimba
Ilya Stefanko - cymbals
Bohdan Dvornyk - violin
Yuriy Kovalev - accordion
Andriy Movchan - percussion